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Little time to work out and want to burn fat? 

Cardio Strength Bootcamp provides simple, fast, & effective workouts for all ages & ability levels, that incorporate challenging HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) combinations & fat-torching bodyweight work.  

Research shows that strength training, using interval concepts, outperforms traditional aerobic (treadmill, elliptical, etc..) training for conditioning & fat loss!
Workouts are short (35 min counting warm-up, instruction, & cool-down), safe, progressive, and innovative.  No prior experience is necessary.  In addition to fat-burning workouts, clients receive nutrition tips, recovery strategies and workouts that can be done at home, without any equipment, to shape your body fast!

Innovative Exercises to Maximize Results!

TRX Suspension Trainers



 Kettlebell & Bodyweight Exercises

Sandbell Complexes



 Heavy Ropes


Workouts Take Place 
EVERY Mon, Wed, & Friday at
 Sharpstein Elementary in Walla Wal

5:45 am-6:20 am

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Bundle 3 months for only $45/month
Bundle 6 months for $42.50/month
Bundle 12 months for $40/month



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**Elementary/Middle School students must be accompanied by paid adult.

TRX Suspension Training: Get Beach Body Ready

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